Triple Cheeseburger

542 KCal./ 2265 KJ

If you are a cheeseburger lover, let us introduce you the Triple cheeseburger. Three beef patties, three slices of melted cheddar cheese, a few pickles and a dollop of tomato ketchup. Three time more delicious.


 Wheat,  Soybeans,  Milk,  Celery,  Mustard

The Best ingredients of the Triple Cheeseburger

Soft Bun

3 Beef Patties



3 Cheddar Slices

Nutritional Information Per Portion

Fat(g) : 29.5

Sat(g) : 15.3

Carb(g) : 35

Sugar(g) : 9.8

Fibre(g) : 1.9

Protein(g) : 33.1

Salt(g) : 2.73

Sodium(g) : 1.08

Portion size(g) : 221

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