Tower Burger

471 KCal./ 1969 KJ

You can never go wrong with the Tower burger. Two classic juicy beef patties, two slices of melted cheddar, a few pickles and The delicious Bim’s sauce. Simply amazing.


Wheat,  Sesame seeds,  Eggs,  Mustard,  Milk

The Best ingredients of the Tower Burger

Soft Bun

2 Beef Patties



Cheddar Slice

Bim’s Sauce

Nutritional Information Per Portion

Fat(g) : 23.1

Sat(g) : 8.1

Carb(g) : 41.4

Sugar(g) : 7.8

Fibre(g) : 3.6

Protein(g) : 23.6

Salt(g) : 1.78

Sodium(g) : 0.7

Portion size(g) : 216

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